The "Development and Prosperity” Foundation (D&P), facilitates the creation of high-tech products that can be used in various fields of human endeavors. The Foundation leadership is united in the common idea of improving human life in a fundamental and holistic manner.


Principal fields of Foundation activities:

• education;


• science and research;


• healthcare;


• implementation of national, regional, local and international programs aimed at improving of social and economic situation in Ukraine;


• human and civil rights and fundamental freedoms;


• sports and physical education;


• culture and art, protection of cultural heritage;


• legal representation and legal aid;


• legal representation and legal aid;


• social protection, social security, social services and poverty alleviation;


• ecology, environment protection;


• development of local communities;


• development of international cooperation of Ukraine;


• stimulation of economic growth and development of Ukraine and its regions, increasing of Ukraine's competitiveness;


• prevention of natural and other disasters and elimination of their consequences; assistance to victims of disasters, armed conflict and accidents, as well as refugees and persons who are in difficult circumstances.



The D & P FOUNDATION is an incubator for scientific and research institutions and talented professionals seeking to better the daily lives of all people.

D&P has launched an Innovative Products Fund to foster new concepts and construction techniques. The Fund will provide monies for design and construction of our innovative incubator prototypes.

The D & P Foundation is dedicated to establishing a research campus that fosters an innovative living environment utilizing specialists from the IT and medical sectors to develop cutting edge technologies that lead to the most holistic approaches in lifestyle development.

The Mission of the Development & Prosperity Foundation is to successfully grow itself, advocating for and fostering the development of high technology innovations in habitat construction and the development of entrepreneurship through “green” business development, coaching and mentoring developing services and projects that can benefit the community at large.


A veritable arsenal of technology and research has been applied in joint efforts involving experts in Ukraine and from abroad designed to further the mission. Among them:

The world's first portable EKG device for monitoring of physical and emotional health.

The first multifunctional SitePhone that works for any type of business

A Cloud service for collecting, processing and utilization of health data

An Innovative ecovillage “ARK”


• «GLOBALMEDIC - David McAntony Gibson Foundation», Сanada

• «Planexta, Inc.»,USA.


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04119 Ukraine

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